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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Gely Korzhev-Chuvelyov. Farewell: from “Scorched By the Fires of War”. 1967

00 Gely Korzhev-Chuvelyov. Farewell, from 'Scorched By the Fires of War'. 1967

Farewell: from “Scorched By the Fires of War”

Gely Korzhev-Chuvelyov


This is my favourite amongst Korzhev-Chuvelyov’s works. There is no mawkishness or sentimentality… there is no pretence… there is nothing but a ruthless and no-holds-barred depiction of a soldier’s farewell to his wife. Shall they be reunited on this earth? No one knows… least of all, them.

This is truth.

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