Art and Faith, Too

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Cristóbal de Augusta. The Virgin of the Rosary. 1577

The Virgin of the Rosary

Cristóbal de Augusta


My take on Western religious art is simple… if it looks like the bishop’s whore rather than the Virgin, it’s not going up. If it looks like the Middle Ages rather than biblical Palestine, it’s not going up. Was there legit Western religious art? Yep… and plenty of it! Was there sensuous crapola masquerading as bona fide religious painting? You bet… and plenty of it! You’ll see a lot of the former here and none of the latter. I even like “Western-style icons” (Batiushka! I need the smelling salts! All of the konvertsy just fainted dead away at that one!). I also eat pie with my knife and have an inordinate love for kiszka and kapusta. So, there!

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