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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Unknown Artist. Christ the Warrior. Sacellum Archiepiscopale (Archiepiscopal Chapel). Ravenna ITALY. 6th century

Christ the Warrior

Unknown Artist

6th century

Sacellum Archiepiscopale (Archiepiscopal Chapel)

Ravenna (Ravenna Province, Emilia-Romagna Region) ITALY 


Ego sum Via, Veritas, et Vita… I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life


This is an extremely militant anti-Arian work. Christ is shown as a young man to counter the Arian heresy that Christ had a beginning in time. It’s also the most virile depiction of Our Lord that I’ve ever seen. It looks as though He’s ready “to kick ass and take names”… let’s see… the Arians distorted the Truth of the Church… the Renovationists distort the Truth of the Church. Here’s the antidote… the Three V’s… Via, Veritas, and Vita! Hmm.. after we whip the plug-uglies, we’ll hoist the fourth “V”… Vino! ¡Salud! Doesn’t it look like He’s going to take that cross and beat His enemies to death with it? Whew… THIS is the Christ of the Apocalypse… of the Great Judgement, make no mistake on it…


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