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Monday, 14 November 2016

Theo Matejko. England! You Did This! 1940


England! You Did This!

Theo Matejko


Theo Matejko. Vision vom Untergang (Vision of the Downfall). 1932


Vision vom Untergang (Vision of the Downfall)

Theo Matejko


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Anti-Hitler Coalition of World War II in Posters… They Saved the World from a Long Night…

You! Did You Join Up?

Dmitri Moor (Dmitri Orlov)


Soviet Russian

Strictly speaking, this is from the Civil War period, but it was brought out again during the VOV.


Oh, Yeah?



This illustrates the attitude common in the USA prior to the noxious degradation in American society caused by smarmy therapists, litigious lawyers, Peesy-Weesy “facilitators” and media-minded “Evangelical” preachers. America was once a straightforward and honest place… and “freedom of speech” was not a “figure of speech” either. May those days return…


Here’s a French poster for the FFI… the “French Forces of the Interior“… who fought the Nazis inside the country. Yes, Viriginia, Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin was respected as an ally. He WAS the leader of the USSR, after all…



These British posters call for qualities that are mocked by secularist academics and their “amen corner” in certain seminaries… shouldn’t we chase them out of the academy and the larger society too? I think that I hear some “amens” out there!


Greece fought the Nazis too!


“They’ll always be an England”… and the raucous and lovely folks who shot a rocket up KFC’s backside up in Lancs just proved it!


This is so different from contemporary America! “Greed is Good”… “You Deserve It”… “We’re Number One”… “Good Guys Finish Last”… I would say that there’s been a degradation… don’t you think it’s time we put the neocons, TV gurus, “entrepreneurs”, Evangelical preachers, therapists, lawyers, “humanists”, and “scholars” on a leaky old freighter and sank it in deep water? Note that some of the people named look superficially different… I say they’re all the same under the skin… they all worship Mammon and not God… be especially wary of the Evangelicals… they’re nothing but Christian Atheists.


The Mother-Motherland Calls!

Irakli Toidze


Here’s the pick of the litter. This poster is still familiar to all Russians. Patriotism is not out of fashion there… neither is straightforward thought… that’s a meaty bone for Americans to chew on…


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